Censor board allows screening of Oscar-nominated film Joyland after some cuts

The Pakistani censor board has given the internationally acclaimed and multiple award-winning Pakistani film, Joyland, the green light following a review at the prime minister’s request.

The complete board has authorized the local showing of Joyland after removing certain segments. Originally, the film was scheduled to debut in Pakistan on November 18.

After some schools of thought opposed the movie, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif appointed a cabinet committee to investigate.

The Pakistani-made film has garnered awards worldwide, including the Cannes Jury Prize. It is also the country’s Oscar submission for next year.

The censors approve of the film depicting a romantic relationship between a married man and a transgender woman.

Before becoming embroiled in issues, Joyland debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and the American Film Institute Festival and received several international accolades.