“Chanda” in Trouble As Celebrities Unfollow Iqra Aziz on Instagram

Lahore: Celebrities rush to unfollow Iqra Aziz on Instagram after she unfollowed them in the aftermath of Yasir Hussain and Hania Aamir’s ongoing tussle.

These days young Pakistani celebrities are garnering all the attention but, not for any good reason. As the story of Saboor Ali’s viral video came to an end another unfolded surrounding the scandal concerning a clash between Hania Aamir and Yasir Hussain. While this new drama revolves around them another equally prominent actor, Iqra Aziz, has been sucked into the ongoing social media battle.

Image: Iqra Aziz star of HUM TV’s Suno Chanda.

Yasir Hussain has received some much deserved flak for his crass sense of humor prior to this when he passed an insensitive statement about child sexual abuse in the 2017 Hum TV Awards.

“Itna khobsurat child molester, kash main bhi bacha hota…”

This statement was passed in reference to actor, Ahsan Khan who played the role of child molester in HUM TV’s drama serial, Uddari. Although he later apologized for the inappropriate statement, the damage had been done:

“I am just as against child abuse as you might be and should be. The joke I made is perceived differently than I had originally intended to. I apologise to Ahsan Bhai and the rest.”

This then followed with Yasir Hussain playing the role of a transgender which although has been misunderstood by many was again Hussain’s attempt at throwing himself under the bus. When asked by a follower as to why the Pakistani television industry does not hire an actual transgender, Yasir Hussain chose to make things worse by saying:

“Matlab aap ko job chahiye?”

Any sensible person could have responded better, none the less, this response made it clear that the Pakistani people cannot expect anything better from the comedian who was riding high on his newly acclaimed fame.

The most recent time, Hussain has himself set out to sabotage his own career is when he chose to pass an inconsiderate comment on the insecurities of fellow actor, Hania Aamir [who has been linked to singer, Asim Azhar a couple of times]. For those of you who may not know, Asim Azhar and Yasir Hussain have been good friends for a while now… [or were before everyone started to unfollow each other on social media].

Image: Yasir Hussain and Hania Aamir on the set of an Eid show.

Hania Aamir had recently decided to address her insecurities regarding acne and anxiety on social media as a reminder to young ladies everywhere that physical beauty is not everything and that one must embrace one’s flaws as one does with one’s strengths, however, Hussain’s distasteful reference to her as “Danedaar” left many perplexed.

What was most troubling though is that he refused to admit to his fault even after the Janaan and Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor, reminded him;

“To not make fun of people’s insecurities”.  

This brings us back to Iqra Aziz, who earlier this year came forward [via a post on Instagram] to confirm that she and the comedian turned actor, Yasir Hussain, were in a relationship. While she has been well acclaimed for her roles and sudden rise to fame.

Following the clash between her fellow actors, Iqra Aziz has received much backlash on her decision to unfollow colleagues and friends, that included; Imran Ashraf, Asim Azhar, Zara Noor Abbass, Hania Aamir and even Asad Siddique as reported by Modern Pakistani Elites on Instagram.

However, some have chosen to unfollow her in response to her “reckless” actions on social media.


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