Chaudhry Rahmat Ali Memorial Trust continue to serve humanity


The Chaudhry Rahmat Ali Memorial Trust (CRAMT) located in Township, Lahore, is a charitable institution established in 1976, to provide health care and education services to the underprivileged masses.

Service to humanity will not be rewarded in this world, but in the hereafter.

In the current situation where inflation, unemployment and poverty have posed multiple challenges in Pakistan, there is need to feed the  hungry.

If it seems difficult to fulfill the human needs, then those institutions, individuals who serve the poor people selflessly are no less than a blessing.

One of those institutions is the Chaudhry Rahmat Ali Memorial Trust, whose services are not hidden from anyone.

This charity institution in Lahore has set an example in public service. It is pertinent to note that work of service to humanity is becoming possible only with the support of the Pakistani nation.

In the month of Ramadan, come and help the Chaudhry Rehmat Ali Memorial Trust in every possible way so that the they could continue their services to humanity.

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