Chaudhry Shujaat rejects rumours of rifts among PML-Q

ISLAMABAD: Amid rumours of a rift among PML-Q leaders after the party’s announcement to side with PTI, party president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain clarified Tuesday that his family and party is on the “same page.”

According to a statement issued by the party, Shujaat said that all political decisions were taken in consultation with him and had his “full support.”

On Monday, reports emerged of a rift among PML-Q leaders over the party’s support of Prime Minister Imran Khan against the no-confidence motion after a party leader resigned from his post as federal minister.

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Rejecting all news, Shujaat said: “The rumours that are circulating are false. All decisions in the party or at home are taken after my consultation and consent.”

“I don’t believe in explanation,” he stated, adding that the number of young MNAs in the current assembly is more as compared to the number during the previous government’s tenure hence, it is wrong to accuse and doubt the youth.

The PML-Q chief said that the term “use of money” is wrong and shouldn’t be used as educated people do not like such discussions.

He reiterated that it is inappropriate to do propaganda or manipulate facts. “Those who want to gain political advantage by propagating differences will be disappointed,” he asserted.

Shujaat further mentioned that he was told that there are differences in his family, however, “there is no truth in this.”

“Our family has been in politics for the last 50 years not only in Punjab but across Pakistan,” he said, vowing that all descisions are taken with his consultation and consent.

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Acording to reports, the Chaudhry family held meetings yesterday until late at night after the controversey. Tariq Bashir Cheema had stated that he resigned with the approval of the party president and will not vote in favour of Imran Khan in the face of no-confidence motion.

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