Check Pictures: The amazing Kartarpur Project Near Completion

Bhaaghi Tv (19th Oct, 2019): The total area for this mega project is over 1 million square feet and will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 9.

Kartarpur Corridor project is finally entered its final phases. The labour and Engenier teams are  working on it and giving their best effort to make it happen before due date and making it wonderful experience for them, working in the day and night shifts. Over six thousand workers are working on this project in day and night shifts.

Pakistan will be opening the doors of the World’s largest Gurdwara for the Sikh pilgrims from all over the world, specially for Sikhs living in Indian Punjab. Its total area is 780 acres, only the main white central courtyard is 44 acres. If we compare it with then the Golden Temple is wall to wall 30 acres, Nanka Sahib is 14 acres. This Mega project is being called the ‘engineering miracle of FWO Pakistan’ and Sikhs from all over the world are praising Pakistan’s dedication and hardwork. The technical teams estimated project time of 3 years, and Pakistan is going to complete it  in just 11 months (3 shifts day and night).

latest Pictures of Kartarpur:

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