Cheekh Comes To An End Leaving Us All In Tears.

The drama serial Cheekh came to an end with a very powerful message that the universe is based on fair exchange. What you sow is what you reap, so beware and think about once you do something wrong with someone. The twitter is just buzzing with cheekh trending on the top. The producer, Fahad Mustafa shared the screenshot of its trending and tagging all of his team from directors to actors.


Many of the people especially mentioned Aijazz Aslam for acting as a helpless paralyzed man trying to help his brother but not being able. Shabbir Jan as Aqil zada, tried to grip over the case till the time it was best possible for him but Saba’s character didn’t lose its grip she was completely outstanding with being Mannat. Nayyar Aijazz was best throughout with his negative role and acting as a policeman . Azekah Daniel portrayed her character of grieved sister perfectly, the way she cried too stole the show. Shariq was also too good with his crying that made us cry too.
Over all last episode was full of emotions and feelings where one has lost everything in the love of her friendship and getting justice for her friend and the other has destroyed his family in the fear of saving his criminal self. And in saving one crime he did numerous more. Both weren’t ready to give up and in this war of justice, truth prevailed and justice was served. Actors did justice to each and every character, Cheekh was the drama that started with the same hype and ended with the same hype because story didn’t lose grip.

Other actors also praised Bilal and Saba’s acting skills. Imran Ashraf praised acting of Bilal Abbas and Saba Qamar. Mawra also praised both Bilal and Saba for steller performances. Public is going gaga over the expressions of Saba Qamar.

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