Chief Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS says Afghan Taliban will hit us hard after US leaves


KABUL: The Afghan Taliban will hit us hard after the US leaves. Chief Afghan intelligence agency NDS has expressed concerns on US departure from Afghanistan.

NDS chief told a press conference in Kabul that the Taliban are using all available resources to continue their violence against Afghan forces. He said that the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners had not helped the peace process. Many Taliban prisoners have returned to the war, with a 24% increase in Taliban operations.

NDS chief said that the Taliban still has operational ties with terrorist groups, adding that no terrorist group could operate in Afghanistan without the help of the Taliban. Regarding the visit of the Pakistani delegation to Kabul, Chief NDS Ahmad zai Siraj said that Pakistan is expected to take practical steps related to Afghan policy and the exchange of prisoners was also discussed in the meeting with the Pakistani delegation.

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