China hopes all parties in Myanmar can handle differences under constitution, legal framework

BEIJING, Feb 18 (APP): China on Thursday rejected the claims that it backed the Myanmar upheaval and hoped that all parties in the country can handle difference under the constitution and legal framework and restore political and social stability.

As a friendly neighbor of Myanmar, China hopes that all parties in the country can put the interests of its people first, handle differences under the constitutional and legal framework and restore political and social stability, Chinese Spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular briefing which resumed after the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival Holidays.

In response to claims that China backed the Myanmar upheaval and reports that some people in Myanmar said they will boycott Chinese goods, she said these were pure rumors and intended to sow discord between China and Myanmar. Hua Chunying said that China solemnly and responsibly states that the online allegations are nothing but rumors to disrupt China-Myanmar relations.

Both Myanmar’s National League for Democracy and the country’s army have good relations with China, and China does not want to see the current situation. The spokesperson said that China is seeking further information on the impact of the current situation on Chinese companies and citizens in Myanmar.

She noted that Chinese companies and citizens have made contributions to local development and China-Myanmar friendship. She hoped that Myanmar will take further measures to ensure their safety. In response to a question about the US announcement to renewing the QUAD Alliance, she believed that development and peace is the mainstream trend of the times. We hope relevant parties dialogue will be conducive to global stability.

According to a media report, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will hold talks with foreign ministers of Japan, Australia and India later today to renew its ˜Quad alliance. Hua Chunying said the cooperation between the QUAD partners should be a positive energy instead of any attempt to target a particular country. We will hope that relevant cooperation will be open and win win. Only in this way, they will be going keeping the trends of the time, she added.

To yet another question on disengagement process between the Chinese and Indian border troops at the Eastern Ladakh region, she said that according to consensus of the multi round negotiations between the two countries, the frontline troops have started disengagement in a synchronised and organised way on both sides. We hope the two sides will continue to observe our consensus as well as our agreements to ensure the smooth completing of the whole disengagement process, she added.

To a follow-up question about any timeline, she said that the relevant process is smooth on the whole, adding, we hope that the two sides will work in concerted efforts to achieve the goal.

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