China implements mass testing across Guangzhou as cases remain high

GUANGZHOU (12th Nov 2022): Residents of China’s Guangzhou province are required to undergo COVID-19 testing on Wednesday as authorities continue to fight against the worst outbreak for two consecutive days.

According to reports, in an effort to curb the infections crossing 2,000 cases for two consecutive days, authorities will be conducting massive testing on Wednesday. It is pertinent to note that local cases in China reportedly reached the highest levels since April when authorities announced residents would undergo mass testing. 

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According to Al Arabiya, Chinese authorities are determined to follow through with President Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid policy without having to impose further lockdowns. Haizhu which is among the districts expected to undergo the latest round of mass testing, has reportedly seen the “bulk of the city’s cases” reported Al Arabiya. 

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It is pertinent to note that Guangzhou confirmed 2,637 new cases on November 8th fast becoming the epicenter of COVID-19 across China.

On the other hand, despite cases being not too many in contrast to global statistics, China has mandated mass testing since 2020 to contain the virus. Although testing is largely free of cost, some local governments have started charging residents given the hit to finances slowing down the economy. 

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