China stands with Pakistan on legal stance over Kashmir issue: Experts

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (APP):Defence and International experts on Friday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again highlighted Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir during his two-day visit to its neighbouring country China.

They said China in a response categorically stated that it stands with Pakistan on legal stance over Kashmir issue.

International Relations expert Dr. Khurram Iqbal said the international pressure was gradually increasing on India to lift curfew in Held Kashmir and also address grave human rights violations in the valley.
Talking in Radio Pakistan’s program he said, PM Imran Khan has effectively highlighted Kashmir issue at United Nations General Assembly (UNGC) forum.

The arm race has already started in South Asian region. It started when United States sold million-dollar arms and ammunition to India in order to contain China.

He opined, at this time when India is very close to United States it will be just waste of time to re-engage United States on Kashmir issue. We have to rely on our sincere friends. As for as FATF issue is concerned, it is clear that technically Pakistan has fulfilled all the requirements of FATF to stay away from blacklisting. Politically, China, Malaysia and Turkey should have to come forward to support Pakistan from Indian agenda of induction of Pakistan in FATF blacklist, he added.

Defense Analyst Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Ikramullah Bhatti said, Indian Air Force is not professional like Pakistan Air Force.  Indian Air Chief criticized the government for old model technology in Air Force. After France delivered to India its first Rafael fighter jet from a series of 36 aircraft, the capability of Indian air force will be better as compared to in past.

He said, Pakistan Air Force is determined to counter any threat to the country’s sovereignty within available resources. India is continuously increasing its defense budget and spending huge amount every year in purchase of modern technology weapons from different countries. However, the motivation and devotion of Pakistan Air Force is better than that of India. The Chinese defense technology is tremendously improving with the passage of time, and in some cases even surpasses the European technology, he added.

Another Defense analyst Brigadier (RT), Harris Nawaz said that Pakistan always urged to give Kashmiris their right to self-determination and highlighted this issue on all international forums.

He said, China, Turkey, Malaysia and Iran have also condemned Indian human rights violations and acknowledged the narrative of Pakistan on Kashmir dispute. The Kashmiris are under complete lockdown continuously for 67 days so far.

He expressed sorrowfully that international community is hesitant to mount pressure on India as it has its economic interests with India. Pakistani security forces are much professional and trained whereas Indian forces are non-professional and untrained even lead by non-professional Air Chief. On 27th Feb, Pakistan Air Force proved its capability, he added.

International Relations expert Dr. Talat Wazarat said the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Zubair Mahmood Hayat conveyed a powerful message to anti-Pakistan elements at the crucial prevailing time. India has created a serious challenge for Kashmiri people. For the last 67 days, Kashmiris are under lockdown in their houses.

He shows his worries about the situation of Kashmiris under curfew and Kashmiri children. It is the responsibility of international community to come forward and cut off economic ties with India in order to express solidarity with Kashmiris who are facing worst Indian brutalities. The world must realize that if India commits any misadventure against Pakistan then definitely there will be response that will be much more powerful than the expectations and the consequences will not be limited to South Asian region only, he added.

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