China to work with Islamic countries to uphold mulitlateralism

ISLAMABAD: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that Beijing will work with Islamic countries to uphold true multilateralism, defend the purposes and principles of the United Nations (UN) Charter, and safeguard the UN-centered international system.

Addressing the opening ceremony of teh 48th meeting of OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers, Wang Yi said Tuesday that its is a great pleasure to be invited to attend and speak at the ceremony, adding that both Chinese and Islamic civilisations are ancient civilisations with significance global influence.

“Over the years, we have always respected and trusted each other, and supported each other on issues involving our respective core concerns,” he added.

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Yi said China will never forget that when Algeria and other countries jointly tabled a resolution at the UN, nearly thirty Islamic countries firmly supported, carrying China into the Organisation.

Likewise, on the Palestinian issue which is of top concern to the Islamic world, China’s support has never been hesitant or absent, he added.

The foreign minister said: “We have always stood in solidarity and mutual support, and shared a commitment to a common development.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Islamic countries have immediately rendered China valuable support, and China has promptly provided 1.3 billion doses of vaccines and a large number of supplies to 50 Islamic countries.”

The Chinese foreign minister said that Belt and Road cooperation has become a bridge and bond connecting the two sides for development and prosperity.

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“To date, China has signed BRI cooperation documents with 54 Islamic countries and launched nearly 600 large-scale projects worth US$400 billion. The cooperation has delivered real benefits to the people of China and Islamic countries,” he added.

Yi said that China and Islamic countries have always learned from each other and shared the commitment to safeguarding the diversity of civilisations of the world.

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