China will send troops to Russia for military drills

According to Beijing’s defense ministry, Chinese soldiers will travel to Russia to participate in joint military exercises.

Beijing and Moscow have close defense ties, and China has expressed a desire to take bilateral relations “to a higher level” despite international sanctions and global condemnation of Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

China’s Ministry of Defense stated on Wednesday that its participation in the annual “Vostok” exercises, which Russia has announced would take place from August 30 to September 5, is part of a bilateral cooperation agreement.

The Chinese defense ministry stated that the objective is to “deepen practical and friendly cooperation with the armies of participating countries, enhance the level of strategic collaboration among the participating parties, and bolster the capacity to respond to various security threats.”

According to the document, India, Belarus, Mongolia, and Tajikistan will all participate.

China and India have been accused of providing diplomatic cover for Russia throughout Ukraine’s protracted conflict by resisting Western sanctions and weaponry deliveries to Kyiv.

However, Beijing claimed that its participation in the joint exercises had “no bearing on the current world and regional circumstances.”

Chinese and Russian troops are conducting their second joint military exercise of the year.

In May, US Vice President Joe Biden was visiting Tokyo, bombers from the two nations performed a 13-hour exercise near Japan and South Korea, prompting the two nations to scramble fighter jets.

The spokesperson for the State Department, Ned Price, stated that while the warming of relations between China and Russia posed a threat to global security, Washington did not “read anything” into the exercises.

“Most of the participating countries frequently engage in a variety of military exercises and exchanges with the United States,” he stated during a press briefing.