China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrives in Kabul: Taliban official

Mar 24, 2022: According to a report by the AFP, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Kabul on Thursday, a Taliban official said, a week before Beijing hosts a meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbours to see how they can help the country following the takeover by the Taliban.

“Chinese Foreign Minister arrives in Kabul for talks with Islamic Emirate leaders,” Ahmad Yasir, a top Taliban government official, said on Twitter.

Beijing has remained tightlipped about the details of Wang’s ongoing South Asia tour. After visiting Pakistan, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi is squeezing in an unannounced visit to Afghanistan during his ongoing South Asia tour during which he will visit Nepal and is expected to drop by New Delhi.

According to the Hindustan Times, Wang’s Afghanistan visit will be a short but crucial one, given the Taliban government has been working on being diplomatically recognised by China and restarting work at the embassy in Beijing.

Wang Yi’s visit comes in the backdrop of talks being reopened to resume copper mining in Mes Aynak, in Afghanistan’s Logar region.

As per reports from Tolo News agency report earlier this month, the Taliban government has asked China Metallurgical Group Corp to pursue the project that’s been stalled for years. “The agreements signed in May 2008 between the then Western-backed Afghan government and the MCC Group, called for the Chinese side to pay $400 million a year for a 30-year mining concession,” the report said.

China shares a short border with Afghanistan and Beijing has dispatched humanitarian supplies to the country since the Taliban’s return to power in August.

The Afghan embassy in Beijing hasn’t been functional since ambassador Javid Ahmad Qaem, left his post in January after months without pay from Kabul following the Taliban’s seizure of power last August.

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