China’s Tianjin bans eating wild animals amid epidemic fight

TIANJIN, Feb. 14 (Xinhua/APP): North China’s Tianjin Municipality introduced a ban Friday on the eating of wild animals as the country is fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic that has claimed more than 1,300 lives nationwide as of Thursday.

The city now forbids eating of wild animals and their products that are under state or city protection, as well as other wildlife protected by previous laws and regulations, according to a decision approved at a session of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin People’s Congress, the city’s legislative body.

No unit or individual may hunt, sell, purchase, transport, carry or deliver wild animals and their products for the purpose of consumption or trading, the decision says. Catering operators are not allowed to solicit business or lure consumers by presenting names and photos of banned wild animals on their signboards and menus.

The city will also impose severe punishment, including fines and revoking business licenses, to crack down on illegal acts related to eating wild animals and products. The ban is conducive to eliminating the bad habit of eating wild animals and blocking a possible source of epidemic infection, according to the decision.

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