Chinese government relaxes COVID-19 rules in several districts in Guangzhou

The authorities in the Chinese city of Guangzhou have decided to abruptly put an end to COVID-19 restrictions in the aftermath of a scuffle between the police and protestors. The protestors have been holding demonstrations against the lockdowns imposed as part of the Zero-Covid initiative and even the top security body of China has called for a crackdown on the “hostile forces”.

The lifting of restrictions was not carried out in all districts as the authorities said that they are still trying to keep the Covid cases in control. In the official statement, local leaders made it clear that the restrictions will continue till the cases go down and the risk of infection is within control.

The districts of Haizhu, Baiyun, Fanyu, Tianhe, Conghua, Huadu and Liwan saw the end of temporary lockdowns. The district of Conghua also announced that it will allow the reopening of schools and people in most areas will be able to visit restaurants and other commercial locations.