Chinese rescuers race to save workers trapped in coal mine

Beijing, April 11 2021: At least 21 miners got trapped in a coal mine in China’s Northwestern Xinjiang region after flooding caused power to go off and disrupted communications.

According to a report by the state media, the accident happened in Fengyuan coal mine in Hutubi County on Saturday, when staff were carrying out up-gradation work at the site. Eight of the 29 workers who were at the scene have been rescued from the mine, according to preliminary reports. Rescuers have located the miners, with 12 on one platform, eight on a second platform, and the last worker in an escape route where water had entered, broadcaster CCTV reported. A report by CCTV said,  “The working platform with 12 people is 1,200 metres from ground level and the underground terrain is complex, making rescue difficult.” Rescuers were also trying to pump water from the flooded shaft and have been piping air into the mine. Pumping equipment was being installed.

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