Chinese revert to Socialism – Xi Jinping’s New China

Chinese revert to Socialism - Xi Jinping's New China

Chinese society is seen going towards Socialism under the rule of Xi Jinping; for decades, life in China has evolved around the idea of ​​the abolition of capitalism.

Despite being technically a “communist” country, the Chinese government’s vision was to shift the benefits of the economy to the grassroots. The government believed that allowing some people in the society to become very rich would benefit the whole society so that it could be pulled out of the destructive mire of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution as soon as possible.

To some extent, this ideology worked, and as a result, a large number of middle classes emerged in Chinese society, and now people in every section of the society have a better quality of life.

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China has been at the forefront of everything since the stagnation of the 1970s, even as it competes with the United States globally and is in a position to dominate the economy. But in doing so, China has created a vacuum in the distribution of income in its society.

This is evident in the descendants of those who made the right decisions at the right time. Parents who managed to set up factories in the 1980s made huge profits, have their children reaping the benefits. In China, where children are slowing down and wasting their youth playing video games, the Communist Party has now set a three-hour daily limit on playing video games to save the younger generation.

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The government officials believe:

“In the same way [referring to videogames], TV is poisoning the minds of young people and they are watching useless TV all the time.”

The country’s population problem is emerging like a time bomb. This time too, the party has a solution and that is a three-child policy for everyone. The Chinese Communist Party has a solution to the problem of football, cinema, music, philosophy, children, language, science.

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