Chinese woman breaks four ribs coughing violently after eating spicy food

According to NDTV, in a startling occurrence, a woman fractured four ribs following a coughing attack brought on by spicy food.

The injured woman, Huang, is a Shanghai resident recovering from the odd incident-related injury.

The intense coughing began after the woman had spicy cuisine. She then heard a cracking sound from her chest, but she continued with her work and disregarded it.

A few days later, Huang began having trouble speaking and breathing, prompting her to consult a physician. Four fractured ribs were uncovered on the CT scan.

Doctors advised her to tie bandages around her waist for one month so that her ribs could recover.

According to the report, the doctors stated that the woman’s abnormally low body mass was the underlying cause of her broken ribs.

Huang is approximately 57 kilos and 1.68 meters tall. She revealed that her upper torso is quite thin and that her ribcage is apparent.

There is no muscle to support the bone. Thus it is easy to fracture Huang’s ribs when he coughs. Once the woman heals from her injuries, she plans to improve her muscular mass and upper body bulk through training.

A woman sues a coworker for fracturing her ribs by giving her a strong embrace.
In an odd occurrence that occurred in August, a Chinese woman sued her male coworker for embracing her too strongly, claiming that the hug fractured three of her ribs.

The court ordered the coworker to pay over Rs300,000 (10,000 Yuan) in compensation. The woman yelled in agony after her coworker, who had approached her while speaking with another person in the workplace, had given her a hard hug.

The woman had irritation in her chest, which persisted even after she left the office. She did not seek medical attention and instead treated herself at home.

After using home cures without success, she decided to seek medical attention. The X-ray showed three broken ribs, two on the right and one on the left.