Chris Gayle amazed after taking the ‘Shalwar Challenge’


Lahore, 25th February: West Indian cricketer, Chris Gayle takes on the new ‘Shalwar Challenge’ during his visit to Pakistan for the 6th edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Chris Gayle who is excited to be in Pakistan for the first time in 15 years for the PSL’s sixth edition, recently took on the unique ‘shalwar challenge’ which left him bewildered.

In a video uploaded on Twitter and YouTube by the PSL, Gayle is asked to put a drawstring in shalwar in a record time.

After accepting the challenge he was really surprised by the width of the shalwar’s waistband.

After seeing the width of the shalwar, the player said, “What?? Whose waist is this?”

Watch the video here:

As he starts putting drawstring in the shalwar, he continues to express his shock at the width of its waistband.

The cricketer joked, “This person eats too much!! I don’t know what this person has been eating. Is this extra-large? It’s gotta be a joke.”

He bantered that the person for whom the shalwar was stiched should stay away from meat and should convert into a vegan.

At the end of the video, Chris Gayle bursts into laughter as he wears the shalwar without pulling the drawstring.

The clip is very interesting as it shows some funny bloopers where the 41-year-old cricket star could be seen struggling to wear the shalwar with the help from other people.

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