Citizens to be cautious of respiratory tract diseases ahead of winter season

ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): With the onset of cold weather, Health experts Monday advised citizens to use extra precautionary measures to prevent themselves, kids and others from suffering respiratory tract diseases including pneumonia as citizens especially the young children are suffering from cold, flu, throat infections due to changing weather.

Child specialists talking to private news channel suggested, the current weather change is the cause of viral infections especially chest infection and fever among citizens so parents should adopt preventive measures and take anti-allergic vaccines to protect themselves and children from diseases during the cold season.

A senior chest physician Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amjad Chaudhary said cold weather is welcoming by everyone but on the other side cold in winters brings with it a host of illnesses that seems to affect almost every household, especially kids are more vulnerable towards the disease and are more likely to affect by such illnesses added.

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Several patients are visiting hospitals on daily basis, complaining of diseases which were caused due to cold, especially dry cold winter.

Physician said proper awareness to parents of all age group of children about health care would help to avoid risk of spreading different diseases and would also reduce death ratio due to winter ailments.

“The flu and cough can be controlled only if parents take early preventive measures,” said Dr.

He said the hospitals had made arrangements to provide best health services to people of the areas and doctors along with paramedical staff had been directed to ensure their presence during duty timings.

“I also advised the parents not to overheat the children and just put sweater and warm cloths as sometimes overheating is also not good for them, Dr added”.

He advised people to take steam regularly in winter,” adding, citizens should timely get vaccinated against the seasonal flu, the most important thing is public awareness as prevention from influenza A virus is the best option.

Another chest specialist Dr Tasaduq said lack of proper attention to accumulated water, bad sanitation and unhygienic food issues is mainly due to ignorance and backwardness of citizens adding they are not aware that poor drinking water, poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions are causing illnesses amongst the adults as well as in children.

“It is need of the time to create awareness among public regarding protection from cold infections,” he said.

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