Clause Six of JUI-F’s Dharna Instructions Causes Social Media Uproar

JUI-F Dharna, Clause 6, and what it implies?

Lahore (8th Oct, 2019): Social media falls prey to fake notices and attempts to malign opposing parties.

According to reports, social media frequently falls prey to fake news and attempts to malign opposing group by means of fake letters. While, such notices are undoubtedly a copy of the official letter, they are planted to target the common man who may understand the fake letter to be real.

A similar notice has reportedly been issued to JUI-F [Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam] workers instructing them to to take care of certain “issues” during their stay. As per circulating letter, the workers have been provided with ten significant pointers that include:

  • Workers should collect money for the sit-in. All members as per their social and/or financial standing, must donate money for the cause.
  • Members must confirm their participation prior to the sit-in. As well as being responsible for bringing food among other necessary items of daily use for approximately seven days.
  • The participants must abide by the disciplinary principles set for them by their leaders, meaning they must follow through with the instructions of JUI-F leader, Maulana Fazaul ur Rehman.
  • It will be mandatory for the workers to hoist the party flag at all times during observation of the sit-in.
  • Members will not be allowed to share details with media personnel but will have to constantly share updates with the party’s social media team for live coverage of the sit-in.

However, it was the sixth clause which has shaken up social media causing uproar. The clause in essence being that sit-in attendees should refrain from practicing lawlessness without permission from their leaders. According to reports, the note became so common on social media that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam had to deny the claims through their official account, rejecting the letter to be fake. The official account stated that due to rising popularity of the Azadi march, individuals from the opposition are attempting to malign the efforts, further cautioning people to be vary of such elements. The post was concluded with the message to stay connected with the party’s central accounts for legitimate news and other notifications.

Additionally, Abdul Ghafoor Haidari by means of a video statement has also denied the claims.

Reportedly, another notice had gone public on social media, allegedly by the magistrate Islamabad, that stated it was unlawful and not allowed to practice homosexuality in Islam and therefore, in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Moreover, sources confirm that Police and law enforcement agencies have received reservations from citizens considering such activities are strictly prohibited. It is believed that the notice referred to by the magistrate was also not genuine therefore, the magistrate’s office had to issue a denial of the notice, respectively.

It has been reported that the Federal Minister has also responded against the clause in a recent tweet, criticizing constituents adding that such things should not impede an important figure.


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