Closure of Aviation Businesses & Commercialization of CAA land for Non-Aviation Businesses, CJP may take a Suo Moto Action

A Mafia Within.

Though we have mafias in all walks of life but, there is a Mafia within the CAA of Pakistan that works against the national interest i.e of promoting economics activities and promoting Pakistan, rather they contributed to the permanent closure of many established companies and thousands of professionals have lost their bread and butter.

It’s not only the job losses but the losses of revenue for the country itself and bringing a bad name to the country more than anything else with systematic failure of Flight Safety evident from a major air crash every four years, killing innocent Pakistanis. Reputational/respect loss for the country is the thing of the unknown for so many in there. Personal gains are superior to these traitors, the country may go to hell.

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Many aviation companies had to shut down due to the high handedness of the commercial department of CAA but mind you they won’t leave a trace as files would be found close to perfection.

FIA is still conducting some inquiries against them but the best way for FIA would be to inquire from the affectees and to trace the wealth accumulated by them in the names of their family and friends, there are many who have frontman doing business on CAA land and protection is provided from within.

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If it is not their own benami business then their way of sweeping is like it was done in the pre-computer era. There are five doors that you have to cross thru before you can get something done. You cross thru four doors but they will hold you on the fifth one, squeeze you to such a level that you will be left with no choice but to full fill their illicit demands or go down to dogs.

Here is a list of a few out of many Aviation Companies that were shut down in the last two decades due to high handedness of the Commercial and some other Departments of CAA but you will find a perfect justification in their files, what a mockery of systems. Before I list them you will be surprised to know that once some company takes a stand against corruption and CAA manages to close it down, they openly distribute sweets to celebrate it.

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Rajhi Aviation/Airlines

Aero Asia Airlines

Air Indus Airlines

Shaheen Air

Ryan Air (Cargo Airlines)

Star Air (Cargo Airlines)

KK Aviation (Charter/Flying School)

Aviation Training School (ATS)

Peshawar Flying Club

South Asian Airways (Flying School)

Air Academy (Flying School)

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Recent closures/Suspension of Operations

Airborne Aviation (Flying School)

Lahore Flying Club

Ultra-Light Flying Club

Hybrid Aviation (Charter/ Flying School)

Scaled Aviation (Aircraft Manufacturer)

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Despite the efforts that are being made by the PM in improving this industry and tourism, the route cause of the losses to Aviation businesses and the economy of Pakistan is not being sorted out i.e the regulator itself. I can assure PM that this industry will not recover without the drastic changes and a revamp of Aviation Policy through professionals.

CAA keeps bringing us the bad name in one shape or another, the nation has not forgotten the corruption in Licensing issue which is the lowest ebb that I can determine as they even do not mind playing with our lives, so playing with the business for their ulterior motives could be an acceptable norm for them.

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Now here are the companies that are surviving with the intervention of the Courts of Law being probably on stay orders against the high-handedness of Commercial Department of CAA as the way of Dacoittee is to raise the exaggerated invoices of multimillion or crores of Rupees and then negotiate for personal gains.

TCS Aviation (Courier/Cargo )

Ramada (Q Airways, upcoming airlines)


And a few more.

The supreme court of Pakistan may order to combine the cases against the CAA Commercial department and review the similar in the closure of the businesses causing job losses and abrogation of fundamental rights by this Government entity.

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Marriage Lawns, Petrol Pumps, Hotels, Shopping Malls and who knows what else, it’s the non-aviation commercialization of CAA land for anything but for the reason for which it was acquired i.e the use for aviation activities.

A question arises, as to who benefits from awarding the CAA land for non-aviation commercial use?

Another question is, as to who is the real beneficiary of these non-aviation commercial projects including the contracts of the parking lots at the airports?

Real beneficiaries will surprise the nation but it will take a little effort from the investigating agencies like FIA to dig out the truth as the footprints will not be difficult to trace.

However, for about one year such high-handedness of awarding land of CAA for non-aviation commercial projects has been stopped and probably no new venture was done.

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Supreme court may take a suo moto action in this regard and direct FIA and other agencies like NAB to probe all non-aviation commercial projects being run on CAA properties to find out not only the real beneficiaries but anomalies in awarding the contracts or lease of land or that if any kickbacks were involved in doing so. Similarly, the supreme court may order the cancellation of all such leases of land on which non-aviation commercial ventures are being run as this is contrary to the main purpose for which the land was acquired by the CAA.

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The aviation companies keep getting shut down due to the commercial department of CAA but non-aviation commercial ventures progress well. This is a very sad state of affairs that a little interest is involved in helping the aviation industry to grow and they are kept under pressure for the reason best known to the commercial department of CAA. Various lands are available and many aviation companies keep requesting the commercial department of CAA for the lease of such lands but it takes years of effort for them to acquire land for Aviation use and many a time the land is not even given on lease to the detriment of not only the aviation businesses but CAA also.

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Many companies have ended up in the court of law to seek relief or have ultimately closed their businesses. The attrition in the aviation business is such that if we look back almost every year one major Aviation company or another has gone out of business but no analysis is done as to why the aviation industry continues to be in the downturn.

Every time we think that ok that could be the lowest ebb for the industry but various officials either with vested interests or being inducted on nepotism without any merit, advertisement or following the government’s prescribed procedures continue to thrive and manage to find yet another low for the aviation Industry.

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