COAS pays tribute to the Shaheed Wing Commander

Islamabad, 11th March: Today Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet reportedly crashed in Islamabad.
According to the spokesman of the Pak Air Force, F-16 was rehearsing for the Pakistan Parade on March 23 that a victim of the accident crashed near Shikari.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, an F-16 jet had crashed in the jungle near Chandtara Chowk. The jungle is located in the Pakistan Sports Board Employee Colony. Reportedly, following the crash, the jet caught on fire.

Sources have confirmed that Wing Commander (WC) Noman Akram, has embraced Shahadat.

According to a spokesperson for the Pakistan Air Force, OC 9 Sqn, WC Akram was rehearsing for the Pakistan Parade to be held on 23rd March when he crashed in the Capital territory.

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa paid glowing tribute on Shahadat of brave heart Wing Commander Noman Akram in the line of duty.

”Laying one’s life is the ultimate sacrifice one can make for the defence of the motherland. May his soul rest in peace. My thoughts and sincere prayers for the bereaved family ”COAS.

Pakistan Air Force officer embraces Shahadat