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Committee to probe audio leaks, Imran annoys friendly countries: PM

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Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday termed the purported surfacing of an audio leak of the Prime Minister House (PMO) as a ‘serious security lapse’.

PM resolved that it would be thoroughly investigated, addressing a presser, the PM took notice of the incident formulate a high-powered committee to probe it and come up with facts.

The prime minister further said that visitors from the foreign countries would also feel uncomfortable if the conversations were bugged in the official places and such breaches of cyber secrecy were related to matter of respect of 220 million Pakistanis.

To a query, the prime minister said that the country was passing through ‘a state of war on the economic front’ and the coalition government was fully endeavoring to set the national economy right.

“Rest assure, we will not run away and will put it on the right path,” he emphasized.

As per the state news agency, the prime minister said that the coalition government had focused on the economic situation and striving day and night to improve the economic conditions, therefore, they had no time for setting the political scores with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan.

If he had spent half of the time of his government on strengthening the economy, there might be some improvement, he regretted without naming Imran Khan.

The prime minister responding to another query categorically said that the general elections would be held on time and ruled out any threats to the coalition government.

Explaining further, the prime minister said in the alleged audio leak, Marriyum Nawaz, had never asked for any favour, neither she sought any favour nor recommended anything for her son in law.

Half of the sugar mills machinery was imported from India during the PTI’s government, he said, adding since the matter pertained to India, they did not consider it and took up in the cabinet.

Under the laws, as a prime minister, he could give a nod, but he did not, so what was wrong in it, since no bargaining was involved, he added.

The prime minister, in an apparent reference to PTI’s audio leaks, said whey questions were not raised over those audio leaks which provided clear evidences of bribing of diamonds and properties given in exchange for the transfer of 190million UK pounds which were sent back as settlement after investigation by the UK National Crime Agency.

Federal ministers also accompanied the prime minister during his press conference.

To another question, the prime minister said Imran Niazi had misused the national machinery with use of brute force by framing fake cases against Nawaz Sharif and other leadership of PPP and PML-N, even the women were not spared.

It was on record that Bashir Memon, former chief of FIA, was summoned to file fake cases against the political adversaries of PTI. His statements in this regard were on the record, he added.

“If I err somewhere, I shall ask for forgiveness from the nation,” the prime minister maintained.

Further elaborating his point of view, the prime minister said during the PTI tenure, the national assets were sold mercilessly and Tosha Khana was an example in this regard as watches were sold out and the amount was taken away by Imran Khan.