Compromising on quality is always detrimental: Amna Ilyas

Actress and model Amna Ilyas recently praised Pakistani dramas in her interview saying that they are of great quality and good stories are being worked on. She said that these dramas are popular because they are factual stories and if movies were to be made in this way they would have a similar response from audiences.

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She said she is currently working on many of her projects but if she is offered roles in movies of a good standard, she will definitely participate. Whether it is a small or big screen, she said she is always ready to act as that is her passion. Amna Ilyas said that while it is good to see new faces in the industry, it is important to keep focusing on the quality.

She said in the business of present day society everyone is occupied with various projects simultaneously and, while it is good to be busy, it is important for all members of a project, not just the director and producer, to work hard on the movie.

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She said there is a need to make movies that appeal to the younger generations and make them enjoy local cinema instead of foreign movies.

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