Congress leader’s daughter abducted from vegetable market

India: Rajasthan Congress leader Gopal Keshawat’s daughter was abducted in broad daylight in Jaipur while she was purchasing vegetables. The Congress leader has filed a kidnapping case. The CCTC footage is being analyzed by police to identify the culprits.

According to the reports, Abhilasha Keshawat, the 21-year-old daughter of a prominent Congress politician, went to the market at 5 pm on Monday to purchase vegetables. Moments later, her father received a phone call from her, who said that hooligans were stalking and pursuing her. She requested that he come to her aid as soon as possible.

The incident took place in the Pratap Nagar area of Jaipur on Monday evening. The former minister arrived at the location but was unable to find his daughter. Her cell phone is also turned off.  Gopal Keshawat filed a complaint at Pratap Nagar police station after the episode. Persons named Jai Singh, Vijendra, Devendra, and Radha are among those suspected in connection with the kidnapping of his daughter.

Given the high-profile nature of the case, cops have jumped into action and have dispatched squads to search for the girl and apprehend the kidnappers. After several hours of searching and raids, the police were able to recover Abhilasha Kesawat’s scooter near the Jaipur airport. The police are analyzing CCTV video and asking residents for information in locating her.