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‘Convert to Islam, will marry you’: Youth blackmails girl after sexually assaulting her

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India: A youth has been booked under new ‘anti-conversion Act’ and POCSO for allegedly luring a Hindu girl in Karnataka. The Muslim youth is accused of sexually assaulting and taking nude pictures of the girl and then promising to marry her if she converted to Islam.
The accused reportedly asked the girl to drug her entire family using sleeping pills by mixing it in sambhar. The incident happened at Mandya’s Nagamangala town.
While acting on the complaint, the police filed the case under POCSO and the new anti-conversion law.
The father went to the police station to lodge the complaint against the Muslim youth. The father told the police that when found his daughter looking stressed on November 12-13, he spoke to her, following which she revealed everything.
According to the father, the girl claimed that named Yunas Pasha/Fayaz Ahmed began to constantly speak to her while they were in Nagamangala.
She also claimed that the accused sent an Oppo Mobile phone and SIM to her and used to call her. According to the complaint, the accused forced the girl to connect through WhatsApp video calls. The girl accused the Muslim youth of recording the calls and then forced her to show her private parts on video call.