Corona’s deteriorating situation in India: Priyanka Chopra seeks help from US President

April 28, 2021: Renowned Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has asked US President Joe Biden for help on the deteriorating situation of corona virus in India. She made a plea on Twitter saying, “My heart is broken, India is affected by corona and the United States has ordered 500 million more vaccine doses that it needs.”

She thanked US President Joe Biden and the government and said that she was grateful for the worldwide supply of AstraZeneca but the situation in India is worrying at the moment so will the US give the vaccine to India as soon as possible. Priyanka’s request to the US President was sharply criticized by social media users, saying that the actress was too late, she should have reacted to Corona’s situation in India long ago.

It should be noted that the situation has worsened in India due to corona and more than 300,000 cases are being reported on a daily basis for several days in a row. The number of cases is increasing as the supply of medicines and oxygen decreases.

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