Coronavirus: A major setback to Chinese Tourism Industry

Mubasher Lucman reveals about the Tourism in China and around suffering major loss due to the outbreak

Lahore, 18th Feb 2020: Senior Anchor person and a famous talk show host Mubasher Lucman reveals the recent setbacks faced by China on account of coronavirus.

In his video uploaded today on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube channel, he informs that Chinese economy is suffering from major complications since the outbreak of this epidemic. He specifically points out the tourism industry in not only China but its surroundings where Chinese travellers visit including Thailand and Singapore are facing many serious damages.

Thailand is said to have suffered a deficit of approximately 3 billion dollars as of now, the reason being a large quantity of tourists visit from the Mainland China. In China too a lot many hotels have suffered a lock down.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Anchor person


One such seven star hotel Hilton International has shut down its almost 150 chains in China, which means 33,000 rooms are not available now. Hilton has 4 hotels in Wuhan and 225 in the Mainland China. Airbnb had already suspended their services in China and now they are offering major discounts on the hotels that have now been opened to the public, but nobody fears to visit.

America, on the other hand has suffered a blow of million dollars at the cost of it’s tourism and hotel industry, as Chinese investors are major partners in owning hotels over there, they have vast businesses and also contribute to many American Airlines.

According to some reports, the Changi International Airport in Singapore, which was one of the busiest one, is almost deserted and seems like nobody wishes to visit.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Anchor person

According to some sources, mentioned by the senior anchor person Mubasher Lucman, people in China keeping pets have now started covering them with the facial masks too specially when they take them out for their daily walk and other needs in order to contain them too from the virus that has spread in the air.

In accordance to this situation many masks making industries have taken advantage and increased their prices which is really heart breaking. Health workers in Wuhan are facing shortage of facial masks, as their requirement is much more than a common person and they need to change these masks three times a day. These are specially designed thick masks which can become airtight on a human’s face.

He ends his video on good wishes for the people suffering from the outbreak in China, and conveys his heart felt concerns for the Pakistani students stuck in China and wishes for their safe evacuation from the place.

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