Coronavirus: A natural calamity or a plot?

Lahore, 26th March: Mubasher Lucman on his Official YouTube channel discloses different conspiracy theories presented by the world on the eruption of the coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China since Dec 2019.

According to Baaghi TV, today a very interesting video was posted on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel, in which the renowned journalist has pointed out a conspiracy theory regarding a plan laid by the Chinese authorities to declare themselves the world’s superpower.

He feels that China, in the race of becoming a superpower, unleashed this menace, in a very strategic and technical manner, where no other Chinese city was affected but Wuhan. Their technical ally, Iran got infected before any in-between country was affected.

According to Mubasher Lucman, the spread of this virus is very interesting as it had spread in Wuhan, entry, and exits are controlled, has not spread in any major Chinese city like Beijing, Shanghai, or Nanjing, rather it has spread in Italy, which is heavily dependant upon Chinese tourism, then the virus affected Spain, the UK, the US, and Iran.

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It is indeed very strange that coronavirus has hit only one Chinese city, Wuhan, on the other hand, 192 countries in the world.

Another intriguing fact to be noted is that Wall Street, Nikki, The London Stock Exchange, and even Pakistan Stock Exchange took a tumbling but the Chinese Stocks Exchange remained unaffected.

Suddenly the American and western companies went bankrupt but the Chinese goods are available for a grab. Companies like Apple are facing production shortages as their production facilities are locked in China, but Chinese companies are all geared up for taking on this opportunity.

The fact to be noticed is, the developed countries like Italy, Spain, and the UK cannot imitate and erect special hospitals like what China did in Wuhan. According to the sources, within six days the Chinese authorities started giving facts about the size and the properties of the virus but none of the other countries could come up with methodical handling.

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The fact to be considered is the Chinese death toll is going down in comparison to Italy and Spain and if Iran doesn’t come up with some quick solutions, things will get worse for Iran.

According to Mubasher Lucman, the Chinese have played very smartly, the oil prices have gone down and the main beneficiary in the power sector would be China, food commodities’ prices are going down, the major consumer is China. The shares of Amazon crashed badly but Alibaba remains unchanged.

Lucman has mentioned a book by a Chinese writer, which predicts such warfare and hints at taking over the American giant companies. A lot of such books are written in western media and lots of predictions are given in the famous cartoon series Simpsons about the US taking on the world with such conspiracies.

The question remains whether this is a natural calamity, a conspiracy theory by America or a well-planned plot by China?

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