Coronavirus: Effective screening mechanism in place at POE

ISLAMABAD, Feb 23 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza on Sunday said effective screening mechanism has been adopted at all Points of Entry (POE) to have check on coronavirus patients.

Chairing a high level meeting to discuss the coronavirus preventive measures, he said well-trained health staff has been deployed at Pak-Iran and Pak-Afghanistan border for proper screening.

He said health staff is responsible at the Taftan and other border crossings to screen all passengers.
“No one is allowed to enter Pakistan without proper screening,” Dr Zafar Mirza said. The government is ready to deal with any situation, he added.

He said Chinese government has allowed two Pakistani diplomats to assess the problems being faced by Pakistani students trapped in coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan.

He added these Pakistani diplomats have arrived in Wuhan to assist the Pakistani students.

He said on Pakistan’s request, China allowed them to meet Pakistani students and coordinate all assistance to them.

He assured that all possible services would be ensured for Pakistani students. He added that the team would be permanently deployed in Wuhan to maintain close liaison with the Chinese authorities.

He said Pakistani team will visit universities to get first-hand information on the health and safety needs of the students and to ensure their welfare in Wuhan.

An appeal to help Pakistani Students in Wuhan

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