‘Coronavirus has exposed many people’: Faisal Bukhari

There were four types of people aboard the Titanic when the Titanic sank:

1. The richest people who arranged for safety jackets and rescue boats with tickets.

2. Middle class who had at least a pair of protective jackets.

3. The poorest laborers were the fugitives and the wealthiest, but they had no means of preventing disaster. They were the largest.

4. The crew and its captain, whose duty was to save all those passengers, were responsible for not jumping from the ship until the end.

In today’s crisis in our society, do you not see this difference in mind and heart?

Maria B is a bright example of the first class. We all belong to the second category of Facebook and Twitter. The barge-worker is the third class. In democracy, the majority is the priority, but there is a reverse system.

The last class is your government and government employees, the military, the police and the doctors nurses and all the people who will not jump from the ship to the last. They say that if there had been no chaos and a balanced distribution, it probably would not have been so fatal. Surely the ship had sunk. Of course people had to die but remember this tragedy in terms of class injustice.

Many of my dear friends have been exposed to this chaos in my eyes. Expressing cowardice, hatred and division. If you remember, there was a group violinist on this ship. They decided that they would play the violin until the last breath, so that people would have hope. Consider me a violinist. Come pick up your violin and engage people!

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a respectable citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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