Coronavirus: How an Italian town combats the virus?

Italy, 29th March: Coronavirus, a pandemic has effected Italy the most after China, the death rate rising to 9,134 and 86,498 people have been infected so far.

According to reports, a small town in Italy claims to have defeated the virus infection, following a massive diagnostic program to prevent the spread of the virus.

Located in the most polluted region of northern Italy, the town of Vo Euganeo, which has a population of 3,300, a large number of coronavirus cases were reported in the third week of February.

While the ‘Draconian measures’ taken in China to control the coronavirus may not be suitable for other countries, this small Italian town has set an example.

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After the first death of the town from the coronavirus, the entire town was put into lockdown.
No one was allowed to enter and leave, while goods (medicine and food) could only arrive in the city, and the job was solely for the people of the area who were officially designated. Thanks to these protective measures, as of March 6, the town of 3,300 residents had been left with no sign of the infection.

Within 14 days the virus was wiped out by the entire population. The widespread testing revealed that about 3% of residents were infected with the virus at the time, and half of them did not show any positive signs.

After two weeks of severe lockdown in the entire city and affected patients who underwent severe quarantine, only 0.25% of residents had its effects. Vo Euganeo has not reported any new case since Friday, March 13.

In the first phase evaluation, 89 people tested positive in this town. In the second phase of testing, the number of positive cases was reduced to six. This town overcame it with the utmost care and self-quarantine which is a great example for any society.

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