Coronavirus: Karachi Agha Khan Hospital shuns the patients

Karachi, 21st March: One of the Karachi’s major private hospital has closed its doors for the patients and refuses to take any more cases.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, Karachi Aga Khan Hospital has refused to take any more patients, be it an emergency or a coronavirus patient, they have stopped to take any more cases.

The ambulance of the Civil hospital Karachi was also being stopped to enter the Agha Khan Hospital.

It is reported by an ambulance driver, when he went to take in a patient inside the hospital, the guard refused to let him in telling him that the hospital administration has forbidden to take any patient in the hospital.

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The attendant inside the ambulance requested the guard to let him meet the doctors as he had a coronavirus patient in the ambulance who needed immediate care from the doctors, but the guard did not let him enter the gate.


It may be remembered that 3 doctors of the Agha Khan Hospital Karachi were diagnosed with the COVID-19 yesterday due to their negligence in wearing the protective suit.

The maximum number of people affected from coronavirus cases are being observed in the Sindh province and many are under treatment at the Agha Khan Hospital, but now after their doctors fell ill the hospital administration has refused to treat any more patients, which is not a positive step taken by the hospital, keeping in view the severity of the crisis face by the country at this moment.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for further updates.

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