Court grants Dua Zahra’s custody to Karachi Police

A local court in Lahore announced the reserved verdict and granted permission to Karachi Police team to take Dua Zahra with them.

The important development came after dust settles on the will of the Dua Zahra who herself record statement that she does not feel safe with her husband and her own parents.

Now Karachi Police will shift the Dua Zahra to Karachi Shelter Home.

Now Karachi Police to present Dua Zahra before the Sindh High Court on July 25.

Earlier, Dua Zahra lawyer who filed a petition against the shifting of the girl in the Judicial Magistrate Rizwan Ahmad argued before the Court that the girl did not want to go back to Karachi as she feared for her life over there. He said he wanted to record her statement under 164 in the Lahore District Court. He alleged that Dua’s father Mehdi Kazmi was exploiting his daughter for his financial benefit.

Ali Hassan Jafri advocate said that he met with Dua who made some other revelations. He said that Dua’s original date of birth was April 27, 2006. He told the court that his clients wanted Dua’s ossification test and Dua’s father was made party to the case but he didn’t turn up.