Court rejects Shahbaz Gill’s lawyer plea to meet him after prosecutor’s objection

Islamabad local court judge rejected the plea of Shahbaz Gill lawyer Faisal Chaudhry to meet his client for legal matters.

Court have verdict after Islamabad prosecutor Rana Hassan Abbas opposed such meeting.

He said that Shahbaz Gill will be presented before the Court.

Pertinent to note that Gill is under arrest and on a two day physical remand by the Islamabad Capital Territory ICT Police.

A six member team also probed from Gill about his alleged controversial statement in which he asked for open mutiny in Pakistan Armed Forces. He made that statement while taking to the ARY.

Baaghi TV report said that there is a growing consensus among military top brass that Shahbaz Gill be tried by military court.

There is lot of anger in the rank and file of army and sentiments are that Shahbazgill be tried by army court martial under Pakistan Army Act ( PAA) for inciting sedition & mutiny in the rank & file of Armed Forces asking them to disobey the leadership.

Mutiny implies collective insubordination or combination of 2 or more persons to resist or to induce others to resist military authority.

Shahbazgill clearly tried to sow divisive thoughts in and politicise army rank and file and said that from Lance Naik to brigadier & their families are with PTI. Shahbazgill also told rank and file to disobey authorities.

He threatened consequences for officers that we will take actions once in power. Rather said that your patriotism will be questioned and that are you going to be declared Ghaddar. He told them that if you won’t revolt against this Govt we will be a colony of India and US.

This is also violation of article 17( 2) of the constitution where no officer of Armed Forces or Civil services can be a member of political party or cannot declare affiliation with a political party.