Covid-19: 2,666 confirmed cases in Israel

Lahore, 26th March: As the highly contagious coronavirus is spreading throughout the world and bringing life to halt in many countries after the lockdown and curfew being imposed to contain the spread of the virus, Israel is also among the affected places.

According to the reports, 2,666 Israelis have so far tested positive for the coronavirus, with the vast majority of cases mild and 68 recoveries. 8 patients have died and 39 are in serious condition.

In the West Bank, 64 cases have been diagnosed so far, and 17 have recovered, the majority of them in Bethlehem. The Palestinian Prime Minister ordered a lockdown as of Sunday night. In Gaza, nine cases were diagnosed, the first two after returning from Pakistan, while seven came down with the virus after coming in contact with them.

Israel’s government has also limited the movement of its citizens and shut down all the educational institutes, businesses and the recreational and social gatherings to stop the spread of the virus.

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The Israeli government has opened up a war bunker in the Jerusalem hills to help coordinate its campaign against the spread of the coronavirus.

The bunker, called the “National Management Centre”, was built more than a decade ago because of concern about Iran’s nuclear program and missile exchanges with Hezbollah or Hamas. (As mentioned in Haaretz)

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in his address on the National Television has warned people about a full lockdown and stressed that self-discipline is imperative, and that “We must stay at home. Stay home, and stay alive. Everyone must obey.”

He has also promised to release a financial aid package for the help pf the people.

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