Covid-19 continues to spread, 7 deaths in Pakistan

According to Baaghi TV reports, the spread of Covid-19 continues in Pakistan. Authorities report an increase in patients.

According to the latest figures released by the National Command & Operation Center (NCOC), in the last 24-hours, 7 deaths due to coronavirus have been reported with 3,567 new corona cases. In the last 24-hours, 48,449 corona tests were performed. Meanwhile, in the last 24-hours, the rate of Corona positive cases has been 7.36%. The death toll from Corona has risen to 28,999 nationwide. The total number of Corona cases across the country has reached 1,315,834. 

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 90 cases and 4 deaths surfaced in 24-hours. Meanwhile, Peshawar the capital of KP confirmed 66 cases and 4 deaths. The total number of cases in KP has risen to 181,996. The number of people recovering from Corona in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has risen to 175,357. In addition, 5,943 people have died so far in KP while 22 patients recovered in 24-hours, and 9,468 tests were conducted. 

According to the Federal Department of Health (FDH), the coronavirus positivity ratio in Karachi has reached 28.80% meanwhile, 2.082 patients have been confirmed, with 7,226 tests conducted. In Lahore, the positivity percentage has reached 9.63%. In Islamabad (ICT) it has risen to 5.53%. 

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Dr. Faisal Sultan has said that we need to protect our children against such diseases, for which all departments must work in unison. According to Dr. Sultan, more than fifty percent of the children have been inoculated via immunization campaigns against measles. He added, that vaccinations are considered public goods thereby, are available for the rich and the poor. Dr. Faisal Sultan continued that it is a source of pride for the government to protect its citizens against diseases.  

In the last 24 hours, 843 new cases of Corona have been reported from across the Punjab province. The total number of Corona cases across the province has reached 450,787. So far, 429,997 patients across the province have returned to their homes after full recovery from treatment at government hospitals. The total number of active cases of Corona across the province has reached 7,708. During the last 24-hours, 1 death has been reported from Muzaffargarh due to Corona across the province. The death toll from Corona has risen to 13,082 across the province. In the last 24-hours, 19,722 diagnostic tests have been performed on Corona. A total of 9,178,484 diagnostic tests have been performed on Corona so far across the province.

In the last 24-hours, 659 cases have been reported from Lahore and 96 from Rawalpindi. 12 cases have been reported from Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, and Gujranwala, and 11 from Sialkot. 5 from Multan and 4 from Bahawalpur, Jhelum and Nankana Sahib. While 3 cases have been reported from Pakpattan.

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During the last 24-hours, the overall rate of positive cases of Corona has been recorded at 4.3% in all the cities across the province. The coronavirus positive cases rate in Lahore during the last 24-hours is 9.6% and 4.9 in Rawalpindi. Meanwhile, the positive case rate in Faisalabad is 3.3% and 1.9% from Multan. Gujranwala has recorded it to be 1.6%.

Moreover, the government has cautioned the public to protect themselves by taking special precautions against the coronavirus and its variants. The public has been advised to avoid going out of the house unnecessarily and to avoid crowded gatherings – make sure to maintain social distance and wear a mask. All citizens over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Vaccines are available in ample quantities at all inoculation centers. During the first phase of the Reach Every Door Vaccination Campaign, more than 14 million people of Punjab have been vaccinated. During the second phase of the Reach Every Door Vaccination Campaign, more and more people were vaccinated against corona. The public can call 1033 for any guidance or complaints.

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On the other hand, the number of Corona cases worldwide has exceeded 320 million. The total number of Corona cases in the United States has risen to more than 65 million, in India to 36 million. The total number of cases in Brazil is over 22.7 million. The total number of cases in the UK has reached 15 million, in France it is over 13.2 million. Russia and Turkey also have more than 10 million corona cases, respectively.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has directed to intensify the Corona Vaccination Campaign. According to reports, Punjab Chief Minister Buzdar has said that the process of giving booster doses to the citizens should be ensured in all cases. There is concern over the rise in Covid-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. The Punjab government is taking all possible steps to protect the lives of the citizens. The administrative machinery, the health department, the police, and the concerned departments are on high alert to deal with Corona. The fifth wave of Covid-19 requires more caution. It is important to maintain social distance in public places. Effective implementation of SOPs will minimize the spread of the disease. People are urged to follow government guidelines for the safety and well-being of their lives.

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