COVID-19: The blood of coronavirus patients may protect others

Lahore, 23rd March: Chinese doctors and researchers are trying to find the cure for coronavirus, which is wreaking havoc starting from Wuhan, China to all over the world.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, Chinese doctors are trying to cure coronavirus patients by using the blood of the same virus survivor, which may be the cheapest and the fastest treatment in China.

China is now investigating that a man who was infected with the coronavirus and recovered, his blood could be used as a vaccine for others suffering from the same disease. The preparation of large numbers of vaccines is not possible, it will be the simplest and cheapest vaccine as being investigated in China.

US scientists have also announced vaccine preparations for the treatment of the coronavirus but have not been successful so far, are now showing interest in the well-known drug ‘convalescent plasma’.

More than 86,000 coronavirus patients have been cured worldwide, including China, whose blood can be used as a vaccine. Research is underway in China, scientists believe. The cure is caused by the patient’s immune system. Antibodies will protect them from the virus again for at least a little while.

In patients suffering from the coronavirus, the vaccine can increase the immune system’s response, which can reduce their disease. People who have not yet been exposed to the coronavirus and are unaffected can use it like the antibodies vaccine.

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During a briefing at the White House on Thursday, US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn warned it was not a permanent cure. But they have asked for further research on it.

Chinese scientists have also admitted to using the blood of the coronavirus as a potential cure for the disease. Scientists say that they will have to do something sooner to prevent the virus, find the fastest and cheapest cure, and the blood vaccine is the cheapest cure so far with satisfactory temporary results.

Working with blood bank officials in New York, scientists hope to collect the blood of the American residents who have either been confirmed to have an infection or who they believe has been infected.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, in an age where genetically engineered antibodies are the new norm, convalescent plasma seems quaint. In the early 20th century, convalescent plasma was used during outbreaks of polio, measles, mumps, and flu, including the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic.

Now the researchers would have to discern when recovered patients’ COVID-19 antibody levels peak, and how long it takes for them to completely clear the virus. Both require the use of tests that are used only in research labs today, a practical hurdle that would require FDA action.

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Next, they’d separate and extract so-called neutralizing antibodies from the donated blood. Then lab workers would aggregate those antibodies into large batches and purify the resulting serum. The therapy could be made in batches that would combine the plasma of as many as 1,000 recovered patients, producing many doses at once.

However, the safety and the effectiveness of the treatment would have to be tested, one of the risks could be transmitting unrelated viruses to the recipient and the other could be the reaction to the perfect immune system antibodies’ being transferred to a weak person’s body that could cause damage or death even.

Scientists have started using this therapy on the newly found patients with worrisome symptoms of the disease but are still not on the ventilator and after positive results will carry on this treatment on critically ill patients.

According to the experts, such a therapy could not provide long-term immunity, but it could at least give healthcare workers a measure of protection until a vaccine is ready for broad use.

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Coronavirus has reached 192 countries in the world and there are 3,383,724 people affected by the virus.

The death toll in Italy has risen to 5,480, while 59,828 people are affected, and the condition of three thousand is critical.

The death toll in the United States is 451 while the number of victims is 34,717. The number of coronavirus patients in New York has grown to five percent of the worldwide population.

US President Donald Trump termed California a disaster, calling himself the president of wartime. US Senator Rand Paul has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The death toll from coronavirus in China is 3270. 1772 people have been killed in Spain from COVID-19. The death toll in Iran is 1685. In France, 674 people were killed, 111 in South Korea, and 251 people in the UK from coronavirus. The death toll in Germany is 94.

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