CPWB launches awareness campaign for child helpline 1121

RAWALPINDI, Sep 24 (APP):The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Punjab (CPWB) on the directive of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar and Chairperson CPWB Punjab Sara Ahmed has launched an awareness campaign for the child helpline 1121 service.

According to a CPWB spokesman, the child helpline was established by the government with an aim to provide prompt assistance and support to the children subjected to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

The helpline service was also aimed for the utilisation for the dissemination of information and guidance in respect of child rights.

“The helpline is an endeavour initiated by the bureau for the immediate assistance of children who are in need of help. The CPWB helpline 1121 is centralised four-digit telephone line and active in all offices of CPWB through which information and guidance are provided to the concerned quarters.

It also plays an important role in spreading awareness regarding service provision to the destitute and neglected children by CPWB. Thousands of children have been rescued through the helpline service whereas the helpline is active and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week,” he added.

“We are working for the improvement of helpline service and targeting the masses to aware them for this service and its working.

The PTI government is working to ensure that children without adequate care and protection are not discriminated and have access to a quality life”, the spokesman said.

“It is responsibility of the citizens to inform us if they see any violence. We are taking proper action on every call and complain,” he said.

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“CPWB is also analyzing the performance of different sections of the bureau on a monthly basis. The Punjab government is providing the proper care, education and training to the destitute and neglected children so they could perform a better role in the society. We are not providing them with only food and shelter but also impart education and skills to these children to make them useful citizens,” he added.

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