Cricketers get into a tweet battle over Kashmir issue

Former Pakistani national cricket team captain Shahid Afridi took it to Twitter to voice his concern over the oppression that Kashmiri people are being subjected to by India, particularly after Indian government decided to scrape off the articles in Indian Constitution which granted Indian occupied Kashmir a special status as autonomous state. Afridi demanded that Kashmiris must be given their due rights which the UN resolution grants them. He questioned the role of the United Nations and urged it to take a notice of India’s unprovoked aggression and heinous crimes against humanity in Kashmir. He also asked President Donald Trump to step in for mediation.


Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir, who is also a member of BJP and a recently elected Indian parliamentarian, responded to Shahid Afridi’s tweet with a hateful reply in which he claimed that Afridi’s accusations of unprovoked aggression and crimes against humanity are true but he forgot to mention that all this is happening in “Pakistan occupied Kashmir”.


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