Crisis in the Middle East: US President threatens Iraq

Lahore (6th Jan, 2020): United States threatens to withdraw US troops in Iraqi parliament. President Trump threatens Iraq.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Iraq’s parliament has approved the resolution to withdraw US troops from the state, ending the security agreement between the two countries.

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According to reports of a foreign news agency, the Iraqi parliament has approved the the withdrawal of United States and other foreign troops from the country. The resolution was reportedly approved unanimously as Iraq’a parliament terminated the security agreement with the United States. As per reports, the resolution passed by the parliament stated that Iraq’s government should ensure the absence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil. Moreover, Iraq should ensure that no foreign troops be allowed to use Iraqi land, air and/or naval boundaries for any purposes.

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Earlier, the Iraq’s Foreign Minister had filed a formal complaint to the UN Security Council on the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani in the US attack on Baghdad’s International Airport. According to sources, Iraq had considered the attack was against Iraqi sovereignty.

Additionally, an Iranian cabinet meeting was held in Tehran following which Iranian government had issued a statement that the sanctions on the nuclear deal will no longer be implemented. It is to be noted that while Iran has not officially announced a complete abolition of the nuclear deal, it has stated that the sanctions and limitations concerning the deal will no longer be implemented. Meanwhile, Tehran has further stated that uranium enrichment capacity, research and production limits will not be adhered to, however, uranium enrichment will continue to meet the technical requirements.

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Moreover, the US President, Donald Trump has defended his statement of targeting Iranian cultural sites by stating that doing so would be a “legitimate practice” for the United States military. Upon his return to Washington, President Trump had argued that Iran was allowed to blow people up but not allow the US to target their cultural sites.

According to a US news agency, President Trump has also threatened Iraq by arguing that if Baghdad orders the withdrawal of US military troops from the country in the wake of General Suleimani’s assassination, Washington will impose sanctions against Iran. He has added that the restrictions will be tougher.

President has further threatened Iraq stating that the United States has been investing in Iraq for years and will not leave Iraq without compensation.

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It is to be noted that the recent airstrike on Baghdad’s International Airport resulted in the deaths of at least nine people including Iranian General Suleimani and pro-Iranian militia leader, Al-Hashid al-Shabaabi, respectively. Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, had consequently responded to the US attack in Baghdad, saying that the attack on General Suleimani is “global terrorism”, and that the United States will have to suffer the consequences.

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It is to be noted that the situation in the Middle East is tense after the assassination of Iranian general Qasim Sulaimani in Marika as Iran threatens revenge, and the US President continues to make threatening statements. Moreover, the US Foreign Minister has contacted Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. While, China and Pakistan have reportedly appealed to the two countries to remain peaceful and to resolve the matter through peaceful dialogue, Israel continues to remain on high alert.

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