Crucial Next Few Hours as Tensions Prevail in Occupied Kashmir! Special Report!

Lahore: Ajit Kumar’s secret visit to Kashmir has declared an emergency in the occupied territory. A call for high alert at Srinagar airport, frequent emergency meetings in New Delhi and an order for Indian Civil Aviation to be prepared in case of any emergency. Danger alarms have started ringing in Kashmir after a steady increase in the number of Indian troops in the region, mobilization of Indian army at the Line of Control (LoC) as well as call for high alert to the Indian Air Force.

According to information and details obtained by Baaghi TV, an emergency has arisen in occupied Kashmir till late at night. According to authentic sources, there are frequent emergency meetings between Indian defense officials and senior government officials in New Delhi, which are pointing towards a major advance.

According to sources, the Indian Air Force has been alerted late at night and ordered to be prepared to deal with any emergency. On the other hand, Baaghi TV’s information from occupied Kashmir have reported that the Indian Army is conducting raids to arrest Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders.

The situation is further complicated by the appointment of Indian troops to Kashmir after the secret visit of Special Adviser for Security Ajit Kumar Doval, known as the mastermind of terrorism in Pakistan, to Kashmir. Sources said that a large number of Indian troops have accelerated their mobility at the LoC as well .The Indian Civil Aviation has also been ordered to be prepared to deal with any emergency situation.

According to sources from occupied Kashmir, an atmosphere of fear has been set up. On the other hand, Indian forces have launched an operation in Shopian, which has been reported to have injured several Kashmiris. Moreover, Indian army has taken control over all the large buildings in the region.

Deployment of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir is also indicating towards a threat. According to sources, the deployment of 10,000 first and then 25,000 Special Forces troops in Kashmir has created an atmosphere of panic everywhere.

According to sources from occupied Kashmir, the Kashmiris have started collecting rations, food and fuel due to possible emergency situation and the public has been hit by gasoline pumps till the final reports. According to reports from Srinagar, people are carrying petrol and kerosene oil in large cans of plastic and iron.

According to our sources, educational institutes have been shut down in the area until further orders.

India wants to abolish Article 35-A of the constitutional status of Occupied Kashmir, sources say, adding that India is taking all measures to prevent any possible reaction. Moreover, India can also announce the implementation of curfew to deal with any emergency.

On the other hand, former Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the Modi government shouldn’t think of abolishing the special status of Kashmir, Kashmir will never accept this decision.

According to information received from Baaghi TV from occupied Kashmir overnight, tourists have been ordered to leave Kashmir and have been directed to reach safe places as soon as possible. Regular notification for tourists leaving Kashmir has been issued.

On the other hand, Pakistan has also ordered the air force to be prepared to deal with any emergency. Pakistan had already turned its missiles towards India, provoking Indian aggression. Pakistan has already made preparations to tackle any aggression by India with the arrest of Abhinandan.

Observers, on confusion and emergency on the part of India in occupied Kashmir, say that since Imran Khan’s visit to the United States, Donald Trump has been called by India after the second offer of mediation on Kashmir and India understands it. Now that Kashmir may not be out of its hands now, India wants to strengthen its occupation of Kashmir even before further efforts made by Donald Trump.

For Indian reaction on Trump’s mediation offer, click here:

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