‘Daal Chawal’ pays tribute to Police

The film to hit local screens on October 4th this year

The film ‘Daal Chawal’  scheduled to hit screens on October 4th this year, will be paying tribute to armed forces, mainly police.

To attract maximum crowd for the film, team members of the project have planned to carry out different public activities to engage with local public and encourage them to watch the film.

The plot of this upcoming film is based on the sacrifices made by personnel of armed forces therefore, highly patriotic.

The film is starring legendary Shafqat Cheema, Salman Shahid and new emerging stars; Momina and Ahmed Sufiyan.

DIG Akbar Nasir Khan is the producer as well as the writer of the film. Most interestingly, the composer of the film is also him. Incharge of Safe City Pakistan Plan and has alot of experience in writing to pay tribute to armed forces.

He claims of including everything that a movie should has;l comedy, drama, music, technology, romance and script.


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