Daily Mail Journalist is waiting for Shehbaz Sharif’s legal action

Journalist of English newspaper Daily Mail is waiting for lawsuit against him even after 90 days.

A story was published in daily Mail a leading newspaper of England, breaking the corruption scandal of former CM Punjab and president of Pakistan Muslim League N Shehbaz Sharif.

Investigator and story writer David Rose claimed that Shehbaz Sharif is involved in money laundering of earthquake funds released by England.He demonstrated and told whole story how Shahbaz Sharif used to send money in his personal accounts and accounts of his family in swiss banks.

When story published, Pakistan Muslim league N denied strongly all claims of Daily Mail and said Shehbaz Sharif will take legal action against Journalists and made a connection of journalist with Shehzad Akbar special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on accountbilty.

Daily Mail welcomed the news of legal action and asked Shahbaz Sharif to do this as soon as possible.But after one month Shehbaz Sharif send Daily mail a letter full of complaints and said legal notice is sent to Daily Mail.

Story writer journalist tweeted recently that he hasn’t received any legal notice.

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