Daler Mehndi Thanking Prince Harry Over His Music

Singer Daler Mehndi has thanked Prince Harry for mentioning him in the memoir, “Spare”, and how his songs helped the Duke of Sussex whenever he “felt alone and separated” from family.

Only that the tweet about Prince Harry kicking back to Daler Mehndi’s songs is one big parody.

Daler Mehndi does not appear to know it though, even a day after he tweeted his thanks.

“I am grateful to the blessings of Guru Nanak, my mom and dad. I created a unique pop folk ethnic music style. Love you Prince Harry! God bless you. In gratitude that my music helped you,” the Punjabi singer tweeted, along with a screenshot of the comical tweet that said Prince Harry mentioned about Daler Mehndi’s song in his memoir.