Dalits and Helpless Muslims Victims of Indian atrocities, fear everywhere

New Delhi: Five Dalit youths were reportedly injured in an attack by upper-caste Hindus in the village of Arasinakere in the Indian state of Karnataka.

According to the Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the Dalit youths had lodged a complaint with the Jayapura police in Mysore, alleging that they had been subjected to torture as they entered the area of ​​upper-caste Hindus in the villages.

Locals told police that the Dalit youths had gone to the area of ​​upper-caste Hindus in the villages to get Pani Puri, on which they were tortured. The injured Dalit youths are undergoing treatment at KKR Hospital in Mysore on January 13. Police say four people involved in the incident have been arrested.

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In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, activists of the Hindu extremist organization Bajrang Dal tortured a Muslim man who was traveling on a train with a married Hindu woman. According to reports, they forcibly took him off the train and stopped him at Ajin railway station for hours. 

Bajrang Dal activists accused the Muslim man of ‘love jihad’ at the Ajin railway station in Madhya Pradesh, tortured him, and forcibly took him off the train. They handed him over to the railway police. Later, their families confirmed to the police that they are family friends and know each other, after which the police let them go.

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In a video that went viral on social media of the incident, three persons, who identified themselves as Bajrang Dal activists, dragged Asif Sheikh off the train and forcibly took him to the police station. However, the Hindu woman is also seen following him.

In another video recorded inside the police station, a Hindu woman is seen shouting at Bajrang Dal workers. “One of your misunderstandings can ruin my life,” she shouts. “I am an adult and I teach in a school”. The incident took place on January 14, according to railway police.

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