Daughter of renowned comedian deliberately killed, family claims

LAHORE, 18th FEB 2020: Today, the daughter of an actor and renowned comedian Omar Sharif passed away in Lahore after suffering from a kidney ailment in the hospital.

According to the information reported by the comedian Omar Sharif’s family, his daughter, Hira Omer died due to the negligence of a doctor during her kidney operation.

According to the family members, 34-year-old Hira Omar, was suffering from kidney disease, and a doctor from Azad Kashmir was called upon to take up the surgery case for Rs 34 lakhs.

The family said that Hira was taken to a private hospital in Lahore five days ago to get treated for her condition after falling sick in Azad Kashmir.

Hira’s brother Jawad Omar has filed a petition against Dr. Fawad Mumtaz, to the Human Organ Transplant Authority. He informed that she was undergoing dialysis since 2017. Moreover, he considers that the reason of her death was the negligence of Dr Fawad Mumtaz, who was introduced to them by an agent.

Deputy Director Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority, Adnan Ahmed says they have formed a team to prosecute illegal organ transplanting doctors.

According to the doctors at the private hospital in Lahore, when Hira Omar was brought to the hospital her condition was already alarming.

Comedian Omar Sharif was not told about his daughter’s demise, but he canceled his program in the US after hearing about the sudden deterioration of his daughter’s health.

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