Deadly protests in Delhi over Citizenship Law

Lahore, 25th Feb: According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the situation in the Indian capital, Delhi has become worse due to the protests over the Citizenship Amendment law.

The Citizenship Amendment Act is anti-Muslims, which has sparked massive protests since it was passed last year, some of which have turned violent.

Several people have died and dozens were injured after fresh protests over a controversial new citizenship law, turned violent in the Indian capital, Delhi.

This is the deadliest protest Delhi has witnessed in decades. The clashes first broke out on Sunday between the two groups who were in favor and against of the new Citizenship law.

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The clashes have seen protesters firmly split along religious lines, with both sides blaming each other for starting the violence. Vehicles and buildings were also targeted in the clashes. These protests are taking place in Muslim majority areas in the north-eastern part of Delhi.

According to the BBC reporters, protestors in the north-east Delhi are seen throwing stones and chanting slogans of ‘shoot the traitors’, markets are being burned down and the mosques being disrespected.

The timing of the clashes is being seen as an embarrassment for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is hosting US President Donald Trump on his first official trip to India.

India protests rage over ‘anti-Muslim’ law





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