Defender of Equality and Fairness

Beyond the shadow of any doubt Imran Khan is just pushing on and pushing his agenda through the tiring days and months since his accession to the power echelons. He had a commanding share of his seats though. Yet we saw a downslide amidst the yelling and screaming of people in the wake of imposition of certain taxes on a broader base and a larger scale.

People are not accustomed to paying taxes. Yet ownership of reforms is a must.They are not trained for this. They might as well be told that’s the only way forward. Imran Khan is gradually gravitating them to his view point.

But he believes the real power lies with the two hundred and twenty million of his country for whom he seems worrying immensely. Previously the escalating stand off between Pakistan and the US was an unenviable situation. Now beginning to move towards a more workable solution. Our relationship is a transactional one no doubt. It seems they have to transact more from Pakistan at this juncture when they are on their way out. The planning and movement is afoot to withdraw from Afghanistan. Imran’s tour to the US will be a test of his nerves and brilliance.The rousing welcome last night and thronging crowds from across Europe, America and Canada seem to reinvigorate and infuse a renewed spirit in him. Reposing more confidence in their leader before he is set to meet Trump.

Khan is expected to be forthright, downright focused in his mission, not mumbling or fumbling in his act like his predecessors did.

Courage is synonymous with ones personal, moral health. It takes you to the next level. A little over twenty thousand people who came to welcome Imran is a sight that puts you into bewilderment. The sight of cheering crowds charged supporters has been an incredible one. No lorries or wagons to transport people. They voluntarily made their way to the arena.

They are the people who make the bulk of Pakistani diaspora. The message is clear. They want their leader to move on triumphantly. With none to impede, obstruct or impair their champion. Thanks to our expatriates for making it happen. Surely they would not leave Pakistan when the country needs them the most.

There are immense opportunities to invest in Pakistan. Imran Khan will have to create a trouble free business environment. Where meritocracy is order of the day. That is what differentiates democracy from despotic rule. He will have to personally oversee the treatment which is meted out to these foreigners who will come back to their country thinking they owe allegiance to it.

Quote a few leave Pakistan as disgruntled and disgusted deserters for want of proper care and attention.The could not careless attitude has gone on for too long already. Some appointed person may be entrusted specifically to take care of all migrating entrepreneurs who are here for new start ups.

Personal attention should be guaranteed to each one of them. For they are our biggest assets. The locals are already doing their bit. They have braced challenges in working towards broadening of our tax base. We cant run the matters of our government on easy money and debt.

It is better to be a doer than an unwiser. As aptly put by Raghuram Rajan, the erstwhile governor of the reserve bank in India. The country would be self sufficient only if we agree to stand own our feet again.The merger of FATA now with elections having taken place is bound to change. All is set by the grace of God. The long perilous predicament of Pakistan has been about the Taliban saga in the South Waziristan which is torn by violence chaos and anarchy.

It is good news that the cross border infiltration of Afghans has halted. Khan must be having to do more with Afghanistan and to bring about peace in the region for the good of both Afghanistan and the peace loving millions of of our sacred fatherland.

The race in the region has begun. Imran Khan has thrown the gauntlet. Modi is another man in the ring. Better they they work out solutions for a longer lasting peace. Let's trade and not fight.


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